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Dang Dinh Hung
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Đặng Đình Hưng (1924-1990) is a poet.

Born in Hanoi, he was a composer and artist who was also recognized as a modern poet and father of the successful concert pianist Đặng Thái Sơn, the first Asian to win the Chopin competition (1980). He was a former political commissar of the Army Concert series, at which time he took part in the Nhân Văn Giai Phẩm affair. Freed during a period of "good reform," he found himself with no partner (his wife, a music professor and pianist, had divorced him), no job, and no publishing opportunities. He lived in poverty, nearly starving, until Đổi Mới (glasnost) after 1986, by which time his son was a well-known pianist.

He is translated into English and included in the anthology, Black Dog, Black Night.

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