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Vietnamese author: Thu Thien Nguyen
Translated in English: John Nguyen



During more than one hundred years, there are many great events in the world. Although they are explained by different reasons, people have the same ambition and the same aggression to make war. This results in two World War I and II. Among warlike groups, we have to count groups of Communists, of Fascists and of Imperialists. Imperialists and Fascists have the same purpose with different names. They are all invaders. They all use military force to invade other countries and force others to be slaved for them. Today, fascism and imperialism have gone. Communism has almost been destroyed in the world except some countries. One day, communism will come to an end because people of China, Vietnam, North of Korea, Cuba … have struggled against Communists in order to gain freedom and democracy. Today, our most worry is communism catastrophe. We have to fight intensively for human rights in communism countries. As a result, people in such countries will enjoy freedom and democracy in the beginning of new century. Communism has full of errors in theory and in practice.

1). Historical point of view:
a. Communists insist that human will go linearly, the new one will overcome the old one. But in history, we go up and down with success and failure, the new one sometimes does not defeat the old one.
b. Communists believe that history certainly began by the Primary Communism in the old days, followed by feudalism, capitalism and communism respectively. But now, we see many tribes living under poor condition, many countries still go on with the monarchy. Long time ago, Communists said that Capitalism would die but it still lives until now and communism countries have to get aids in many aspects from capitalism countries.
c. Communists insistently say that communism society is ideal, is the top of the world. However, by dialectic materialism, they say that society always changes. It goes from the bad to the good one, goes linearly. They declare that future will negate the past! It is contradiction. We wonder whether or not human society will develop and change. If society changes, communist society sooner or later will be gone. Which society will be the next one? What is the reason for Communists are proud of if the communism society is finally destroyed?

2). Reality:
Communism is defeated days after days by their weak points:
a.Dictatorial, barbarous and dishonest. Russia, China, North of Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia are governed by only one Communist party. They use cruel means to attain power. - They kill each other because of power: For example, Stalin killed Trotsky, Mao Trach Dong killed Lam Buu and Luu Thieu Ky. These are due to their inhuman and uncivilized nature. These also result from the loss of freedom, peaceful commutation of political power and lawful basis. The one who controls wants to maintain power and has a doubt about others. - They murder innocent people: Cruelty and dictatorship are their nature because of proletariat absolutism. This purpose does not forgive and does not tolerate the opposite group. They fight for their power. They seize and kill innocent people without any guilty evidence. They do not need the court. They want to kill unintentionally rather than miss any opposite people. Communists in almost communism countries are convicted of race extermination. Stalin in Russia killed millions of people and banish millions of people to Siberia- a very cold land. Mao Tse--tung in China murdered millions of Communist Party members and normal people in land reform and culture reform. HoChiMinh in Vietnam shed blood approximately one million of people including revolutionists, religious leaders and innocent people in the August Revolution and in New Year 1968. Pol Pot in Cambodia killed nearly two millions people.
b. Making war. –
Communists support war. They devote all resources to make weapons. They reserve a great budget for military force. They sacrifice young soldiers in battles. They do not care about people live. - Communists, with their purpose of liberating people and proletariat internationalism, carry the war to many countries in the world, especially in Asia and Africa. Russia invades East of Europe and China. China conquers Tibet. Vietnam attacks Cambodia.

c. Failure in government policy.
Communists are proud of their smart Party. But in reality, the Communist Party is dictatorial, dishonest and undemocratic. The Communist Party maintains a unique political power. Government, Parliament, Justice are just games to deceive people. Finally, the Communist Party gets repeated failure. If Party President is smart, why do people show hatred to him? Why do people in East of Europe and Russia overthrow the Communist Party? Their failures reveal that they are wrong to apply "proletariat absolutism", and promote stupid and immoral person to lead the country. Indeed, the Communist Party is just a group of stupid and savage flatterers led by the most savage and the most cheating guy. If they succeed, they say the leader is talent. If they get defeated, only individual is responsible for that failure. d. Economic failure: Communists believe that society progresses linearly. Feudalism society is better than the Primary society in the old days. Capitalism society makes more progress than Feudalism society. And according to them, Communism society will make progress five to ten times more than Capitalism society. In reality, Marxism-Leninism is wrong. - Communism is dictatorial and savage. Therefore, people protest them officially and silently. - Communists favor people who obey them. As a result, they are not supported by intellectual class. They exploit people, so people do not work and do not support Communists actively in all policies, especially in production aspect. -When Communists did not gain the power to lead the country, they promise that people only need to work 8 hours a day and distribute field land to farmers. But when they hold the government, they betray people. They force people work day and night. Communism exploits people more than Feudalism does. In summary, wherever there exists Communism, there exists terrorism, bloody repression, poor economics, poor education, poor health services, no freedom, no democracy. Therefore, Communism is a disaster to mankind. We must destroy the Communism to go on the way to peace and development.



Our purposes are peace and development. First, we try to make peace in our mind, i.e. no hatred, no grief. Further, we have to make peace to our homeland. Peace means no war, no disturbance, safe lives. And eventually, we hope people all over the world to live safely, to have a good job, to avoid bloody war. Development is making progress. Today is better than yesterday. We try to develop our health, our mind days after days. We try to develop science, techniques, economics, business, politics, education, etc. to make our country prosperous and happy. Many countries develop together will make the whole world in progress. There are many ways to gain peace and development, but there is one best way to do it: it is the standard and right way that we will discuss in details later. Many persons use violence to solve conflicts. Many persons use cheating acts to develop in power, in territory, etc. They are war-makers, expansionists, invaders under deceiving purposes such as civilization propagation, people and world revolution, etc. There are always two opposite groups everywhere on the world. One is the good, the other is the evil. In society, there are persons who seize other properties, who kill innocent people barbarously. If the good wins, our mind will be relaxed, our country will become prosperous and the world will become peaceful. If the evil overcomes, we will be ambitious, aggressive, and fanatic; our country will be at war and the world will be threatened. All things considered, we should follow these guiding principles to achieve peace and development for us and for everybody in the world:

I. Morality:
Morality is principles of good behaviors that better human-to-human relations. Communists banish the conventional morality because this will prevent their inhuman and cheating acts. Marx, Engels, Lenin do not care about morality. Communists juniors invent a new bible, that calls communism morality including hatred, murders, Communist Party and President veneration. Therefore, Communism society is savage, deceitful, unequal, and corrupt. Western society has quite a lot of good men such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King. Many persons think that politics and even medicine and religion need artifices and tricks. It is true if there are evil men. There are a lot of good and successful politicians. If we do politics to serve our countrymen and our mankind, we should choose the good and moral way to do it. If we do not choose the amnesty way to do it, we will be convicted forever. Politics without conscience is a disaster. Therefore, only the very good behavioral politician can make the nation and the world becomes peaceful and developed. If we do politics in cruel, heterodox, crafty, and ambitious ways, we maybe succeed rapidly but temporarily. We will do harm to others. If we sow the wind, we will reap the whirlwind. There are many moral criteria. These followings are fundamentals in humanism society: 1.Equality. If we want to live in peace with others, we have to respect their individual rights, their living rights and their freedom. Everyone has equal rights, equal opportunities because we are born equally. Finally, we have to concern for law, justice, and constitution. 2.Humanity. In almost religions, we are considered to be friends because we are all human. With humanity and charity, we will serve our country, our mankind very well. Otherwise, we do harm to society. Communists are dictators, cruel men, and terrorists. They mal- treat their people. Therefore, we struggle against them to get freedom, human rights, equality, love and no hatred to everyone. We are not angels. But at least we have to be honest and just to struggle for our people and our country. Humanity is a kind of love. There are many kinds of love. Communists force people to deny love and sacrifice to the Communist Party. They do not tolerate sexual love and family love. They favor no home, no homeland. Contrarily, we love all. We love our family, our country, our mankind and nature. With these noble loves above, we struggle against dictatorship, Communist Party leadership. We strive our best for prosperity and development of our country and our mankind.

II. Happy medium way:

Happy medium way is the standard, good way. We follow justice. We show goodwill to everyone. We do not cause harm to ourselves and to others. The happy medium way is not neutral between evil way and goodwill. It is a straight way. It does not support extremism. Communists favor extremism. They reverse the social hierarchy. They are opposite to human desires and natural tendencies. They call these stupid reversals "revolution". Because of extremism, Communists place our country in disaster. They are tempted to eradicate capitalists. They want to nationalize all the individual properties. But indeed, this is the chance for them to become rich in spite of the poverty of people. They sacrifice individuals. They put their Communist Party's benefits above all. Communism officers take advantage of this benefit very clever. They favor themselves because they represent the power. They ignore the destiny of the country and people' sufferings. The happy medium way is to unite our people equally and charitably. Communists favor struggle against social classes. Contrarily, we favor people united. Our country is the property of everyone. It does not belong to any one class, any one religion, any one party and any one family. We perform people's union without the discrimination of age, of class, of religion and of party indicated in the constitution of all civilized nations in the world. This is our tradition.
In conclusion, the medium way is certainly the way to peace and development for individual, for the nation and for mankind.



This is a comprehensively national program to rebuild our country after the death of the Communism. This task is very difficult. Communists ruined everything. We have to start over. Everything in the world is related closely to each other. In order to rebuild our country, we have to aim at educating people because everyone is a necessarily building block. Besides, we have to think about a good world model in which all the nations will enjoy the freedom and happiness. Consequently, here we concern the useful plan for people, for country and for the world.


If everyone is good, we will be useful because everyone is a building block for our family and our society. Therefore, we have to be interested in continuous education and improvement for individuals to make the country prosperous and the world peaceful. Asian people in the old days preserved morality. Criteria for education and selection of people are skills and good behaviors without discriminations of age, sex, class, and living regions. Skills are learning and/or professional experiences, qualified degrees, good management, etc. People who treat very well to their parents, to their brothers and sisters, to their relatives, etc., for example, are considered to have good behaviors. Capitalists concern science and technology. They have many good qualities. They also base on above criteria of skills and good behaviors to select people. Everyone has to study before doing his/her jobs. Everyone should have clear identification. Communists are not interested in morality. They teach people hatred and murder. On the contrary, all religions and all kinds of morality favor the goodwill and do not do the evil. Communists want to brainwash everyone into Communist Party fanaticism. They force everyone obey all their policies blindly. They want everyone to learn by heart all the deceiving words of the Communist Party leader. They force everyone keep faithful to them absolutely like the dog with the dog owner. They select people by the identifications in three consecutive generations. They deny people related to Capitalists, and to religion. Their slogan is " faithfulness better than ability ". They consider people as their enemies. They favor their members even though their obedient members are stupid, shifty, and wicket. As a result, the country declines and the people protest very strongly against them. Every nation and every society have different points of view about people training but they have the same requirements on skills and good morality. Everybody wants his/her son(s)/daughter(s) to study well in order to get a good job later and to contribute to society. Parents also want their young generations to live in an honest life and not to harm others. Therefore, these followings are imminent:

1). Comprehensive education: Communism is interested in politics, Capitalism concerns science and technology, and our old feudalism favors literatures and morality. These are just unilateral. a. We will train our young generation to become good in all aspects such as mentality, morality and health. b. We will educate people to be skillful in science and technology, and to know basically art and culture.

2). Respect the benefit of both individual and community: Communists support individual sacrifice for community. Capitalists favor individual. We should respect both individual and community. - We have individual right. We do not interfere with the right of anyone else. - We love ourselves and love our family. But we should be responsible for our country and our society. In many cases, individual benefits do not conflict with society benefits. We do both normally without any sacrifices. For example, while we are doing our works such as to repair out-of-order vehicles, to save lives of patients, to teach students, to do research, to do farm works, we earn salary to get on living and serve our country and our people provided that we work hard and honestly. In some special cases, we have to favor the common interests. If our country is threatened, we can not live safe and sound. We sometimes devote our lives to ideal purposes such as responsible scientists, conscientious doctors, loving - child parents. These sacrifices are voluntary. Contrarily, Communists force people sacrifice for them. They force many young soldiers to be targets on the battle. They disregard to the starvation and poverty of people and continue to live luxuriously and dissolutely. In Communism society, people protest Communists silently or officially, actively or passively. People vandalize the common properties. People do not work voluntarily. People struggle against them in Quynh Luu (1956), Thai Binh , Xuan Loc (1997) in Vietnam. Because of the slogan "faithfulness better than ability" and proletariat absolutism, Communists make education and morality declined considerably. Communism prevents individual possession. People vandalize or steal the common properties more. Communist officers corrupt and abuse authority more. Capitalism and Monarchical societies respect both morality and ability. Therefore, everyone lives happily. Their society and economics develop increasingly.

3.) Harmonize freedom with discipline: We respect freedom. We favor apperception. Strict discipline and heavy punishment are not the Happy Medium Way. Our previous society force pupils study very hard in secondary and high school. Only a few of pupils can enter University because of the lack of teachers and learning facilities, etc. In western country, teenagers are not forced to study very hard. In university, they have a chance to get more successes. Therefore, we have to plan an education so that everyone can develop the ability freely in appropriate discipline.


After the death of the Communism, we have to hold the conference with many different representatives for every class to: - Choose national flag and anthem. - Organize Parliament to make constitution. - Construct democratic fundamentals such as Parliament, voting campaigns, regulations for Parties, Organizations, the press… While constructing the new democracy, we concern the followings:

1). Perfect the law basis:
Our law basis should be appropriate, equal, democratic and human to serve the common interests of our country, our people, of every Party and of every religion. Our law is to protect our country, and our people. Our law must be comprehensive in politics, in economics, in education, in publication, in health … like other developed countries in the world. In the post - communism period, we may have inflation and disturbances. We have to plan clear and full regulations to avoid these problems such as the inflation of parties and the press in 1960 in Vietnam. Parliament should be people - elected. Everyone including authority persons is equal before law.

2). Construct in every aspect: Communists concern military force rather than economics. Communists in Russia, China, Cuba, North of Korea, Vietnam invade other countries in spite of the poverty and declined economics in their own countries. We have to build everything, especially education, science and technology, politics, law, etc.

3). Harmonize classes: Communists favor struggle between classes. Many people in poor class, in intellectual class, and in capital class are persuaded to follow this cheating struggle. These people killed their parents, their brothers and sisters, and other non-communist class. And eventually, all people are betrayed. In communism, the poor are getting poorer and poorer while the Communism capitalists and political power men are getting richer and richer. In theory, we see that class struggle is wrong absolutely. Communists favor concept of conflict and neglect concept of union. Conflicts are varieties, for example, high versus low, right versus left, thin versus thick, day versus night, male versus female, sunshine versus rain, etc. Conflicts are not negations. Everything may have conflicts but these conflicts contribute to the varieties. These conflicts unite together like trees need sunshine and rain; like our long and short five fingers; like our sexual partners: male and female. Communists reverse the order and hierarchy of nature and society and call them "revolution". They should not command to kill all kinds and retain only one kind of flowers. They should not kill all the birds because birds eat worms. They should not control the nature with the little mind. In society, there are varieties of person: talent versus normal, healthy versus ill, etc. Communists fail to average out all things. We do not do average out. We do not favor the great difference. Everyone contributes to the country by his/her own ability. Nowadays, capitalism countries develop very well. Workers and their family get benefit in health, in welfare, etc. To avoid class struggle, we should have clear and full regulations and law for employers and employees. These laws and regulations will be done by well - experienced lawyers.

4.) Unite people:
We must follow the saying: United we stand, divided we fall. According to Communists, Proletariat internationalism is to eradicate nation and govern the whole world in sorrowful, dictatorial and bloody communism. In order to unit our people, our President and political party leaders should be smart, just and should concern the country interests above all.

5). Freedom and democracy:
We should have freedom and democracy of the Press, of thoughts, of religions, of travels, of meetings, etc. We should have law basis to prepare to the way of freedom and democracy. To avoid dictatorship, we should follow multi - parties. Parliament should consider carefully party regulation and voting campaigns. We should not have so much parties to avoid party inflation. Maybe four parties are enough. Party leaders should gain the confidence of the public. The Presidency should be in five years and may repeat once if that President is elected again. We do not use military force or police to protect the Presidency. The President should not corrupt, abuse authority, and be honest. In turn, people should behave disciplinarily and consciously to serve the country. We should not abuse freedom. We should concern the common interests higher than individual benefits. People in South of Korea sell their valuables to save their economic crisis. This is a good example for us. The temporary government in the beginning should organize voting campaign and should not be the candidate. In future, current government should not control voting campaigns. Legislation and justice should be concerned in elections. Parliament should include representatives who are well - mastered the fields they take care of. These representatives should have good behaviors, justice, etc. to take care people and the country.


Communism, Fascism, and Imperialism make the world in bloody war. Vietnamese Communists follow Russia. Russia invades China and East of Europe. China threatens Vietnam and India. Vietnam attacks Cambodia and Laos. These are disasters for the world. Therefore, we should concern the followings to better international relationships:

1). Living together peacefully:
There are people and countries that want to control other countries and kill innocent people barbarously. - We should respect the territory of other nations. If there exist any problems, the United Nations Organization should solve them peacefully on internationally lawful basis. - We have to unite to better our country and other countries in every aspect such as business, health services, science and technology, environment, etc. People trade, forbidden drugs trade and weapon trade are prohibited. - The aids from other countries should base on human principles. - We do not interfere the internal affairs of other countries to get benefits from them.

2.) Equality:
Everyone is born equally. We should not feel inferior to stronger countries. Vietnamese Communists force our country to depend on Russia and China. Everything has time to go. No country can control the whole world forever. The world will fight against all new invasion powers.

3.) Morality:
We have to base on morality in international affairs. We should avoid these followings: - Many countries are convicted of people extermination and force defeated countries to sign unequal treaty. - Many greater countries sacrifice smaller countries. - Many countries convict loudly other countries not perform human rights. But these countries are silent before the invasions of greater countries to the convicted ones because they are afraid of loosing the big profits from the strong countries.

4.) Improve the United Nations Organization: It has more or less weaknesses: - It is influenced by strong countries. - It does not work effectively. - It is out - of - date. Special rights for strong countries should be terminated. Russia and China today are differentthan they were before while Japan and Germany are strong in economics.

Written in Ottawa, July 9th 1998, Thu Thien Nguyen


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