Tuesday, March 31, 2009


McNamara's book
Commonweal , May 5, 1995

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Repentance--whether of an individual or a people--is essentially and initially a unilateral act. It requires the shattering of a self-imposed silence, a turning back, a necessary confession. But even then, it is a reply to a deeper, more silent, moving voice. Repentance follows only after an individual--or a nation--recognizes that a deep self-contradiction lies within its being. When that recognition has risen to the power of speech, then and only then is reconciliation possible.
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In 1967, Vietnamese monk and poet Nhat Hanh wrote, When can I break my long silence? When can I speak the unuttered words that are choking me? In 1995, Robert S. McNamara has finally spoken the unuttered words of his heart. His book may not be a perfect act of contrition, but it is a courageous act. It is a gift to his country: A nation still at war with itself, still in need of clarifying its vision, promise, and role.
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