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35 Vietnamese boat people stranded in Indonesia on way to Australia
Asian Political News , Nov 13, 2006
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JAKARTA, Nov. 7 Kyodo

Thirty-five Vietnamese boat people, apparently on their way to Australia to seek a better life, have been found stranded in the Indonesian portion of Borneo, the state-run news agency Antara reported Tuesday.

Antara quoted Wan Menak Salimuddin, head of the local office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in West Kalimantan Province, as saying the boat carrying the group was found in the province's Ketapang Regency on Oct. 30 after drifting for one month.

The Vietnamese, including six women and four children, said they left their village in southern Vietnam on Sept. 19.

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''The life in Vietnam is very difficult and we want to go to Australia,'' Antara quoted one of the refugees as saying.

A fishing boat they used, however, had engine trouble, the refugee said.

Salimuddin said the Vietnamese will be flown to Batam Island, near Singapore to wait for possible deportation to Vietnam or for an arrangement to go to a third country that is willing to accept them.

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