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98/178/4 Model boat, as used by Vietnamese 'boat people', wood / glass / twine / metal, Anh Tuan, Thailand, c. 1980

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Model boat, as used by Vietnamese 'boat people', wood / glass / twine / metal, Anh Tuan, Thailand, c. 1980
Fishing boat fixed on stand, of the type that 'the boat people' made their escape from Vietnam. Single hull fishing boat with wheel house and cabin towards stern. Bow carries carved silver painted wooden identification 'MH1944' (port), 'PB553' (starboard) and at the stern is the name 'Anh Tuan'. Keel mounted wooden propeller. Wooden anchor painted silver and secured by white twine to stays.
The stand is of the same wood, with a flat base and two upright cradles.
Loose parts include the cabin, hatch covers and various attachments to the deck.
Maker: Anh Tuan
Made in: Thailand
Made date: 1975 - 1985

Made in: Vietnam

User: Indo-China Refugee Association
Used in: Bankstown, New South Wales

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Made by Anh Tuan, a Vietnamese refugee, at Paulau Bidong, a Thai refugee camp.

This model was made c.1980.
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Through the early 1990s this model was on display in the offices of ICRA.
Acquisition credit line
Donated by the Indo-China Refugee Association
Boat name carved in script on stern 'Anh Tuan'. Boat numbers in carved letters at bow 'MH1944' (port) and PB553 (starboard). Dedication under base of stand, in biro 'Gift from Mr. LUU-VAN-TAN / Pulan Bidong'.
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Production date
1975 - 1985
235 mm
140 mm
+ Vietnamese Australian culture
+ Indo-China Refugee Association

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