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Huyền Quang
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Thích Huyền Quang

Birth name:
Lê Đình Nhàn
September 19, 1919(1919-09-19)
Place of birth:
Bình Định province, Vietnam
July 5, 2008 (aged 88)
Vietnamese Mahayana
Tăng Thống(Patriarch)
Thích Huyền Quang (September 19, 1919July 5, 2008[1]) was a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, dissident and activist. At the time, he was the Patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, a currently banned sect in his homeland. Huyền Quang was notable for his activism for human and religious rights in Vietnam. In 1977, Huyền Quang wrote a letter to then-Prime Minister Phạm Văn Đồng detailing counts of oppression by the communist regime. For this, he and five other senior monks were arrested and detained.[1] In 1982, Huyền Quang was arrested and subsequently put into permanent house arrest for opposition to governmental policy after publicly denouncing the establishment of the state-controlled Vietnam Buddhist Church.[2]
Huyền Quang died peacefully on July 5th 2008 at his monastery after returning from the hospital for treatment of the heart, lung and kidneys.[3][4][5][6]
His funeral was held on Friday, July 11th, 2008 without any incident.[7]

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